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Nannies North London is a childcare recruitment agency based in London specializing in temporary positions for the UK based roles as well as abroad.
If you are looking for a permanent staff or a babysitter, please see the links on the right.

At Nannies North London we provide temporary staff on daily or weekly basis, both live-in and live-out. We have excellent temporary nannies, maternity nurses and night nannies that are all carefully selected. For more information about the process please go to the Parents Page.

Doulas and Birth Companion Learn more... Doula is an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a woman before, during and after childbirth and her most important role is to provide nurturing, continuous support and reassurance. They are trained and experienced in childbirth and have a good knowledge of female physiology but they are not midwife/medical staff.

Birth Doula: Before the birth the doula usually meets with the mother (or couple) at least once. During labour the doula is there to offer help and advice on matters such as breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning. Doula does not necessarily replace the father before and at birth, but rather gives him the opportunity to participate as much or as little as he wants. After childbirth the doula may offer a couple of postnatal visits or the family may decide to employ a postnatal doula for a period of 6 – 8 weeks.

Postnatal Doulas work flexible hours to suit the family. The role of postnatal doula is live-out, advice and support sessions and is not to be confused with a role of a maternity nurse.
£300-£700 gross per package
£12-£15 gross per hour

Maternity Nurses Learn more... A maternity nurse/nanny usually lives with a family and provides 24 hour/6 days a week support after the birth of a baby. The role is to provide total care for mother and baby; helping in all aspects with the new-born and helping mum recover. They advise on breast feeding, helping establish a sleeping/feeding routine and providing moral support for the mother. Maternity nurses will deal with nursery duties but they shouldn’t be expected to look after other siblings. They generally sleep with their charges and either bring the baby to mum for breastfeeding in the night or bottle feed the baby themselves.
Fees start at £600 gross per week for a single baby.
If you require a daily maternity nurse, the fees start at £110 gross per day

Night Nannies and Sleep Training Learn more... Night Nannies work from the evening till the morning. They are highly experienced with very young babies and can advise on sleeping issues and establish sleeping routine, usually within a week. They generally stay in the room with their charges and are responsible for the bottle feeds and the well-being of the baby during the night time so the mother has a chance to recover from the birth.
The fees start at £100 gross per night for a single baby and are higher if a routine is to be established

Holidays and Ski Nannies Learn more... Many families need a flexible help for when the children are not at school. A holiday nanny can either look after your children during half-term, while you need to work, or join you on the family holiday, to help entertain the children while you are having a deserved ‘time-off’. Very popular are nanny-shares for two families sharing a holiday villa/ alternatively team of nannies for large or multiple families on holiday/ and also ski nannies.

Temporary and Emergency Nannies Learn more... Emergency nannies usually step in when the permanent nanny is not available (due to holiday or sick leave) or to help busy parents in need of few hours to themselves while the children are still in safe and caring hands.

Proxy parenting nannies Learn more... Experienced nannies who can take over the childcare and running of the household and act as parents in parents’ absence during periods over 24 hours. Especially welcome by busy parents who travel a lot on business or for that deserved ‘grown-up-only’ weekend away.

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